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The international conference Measuring Development in Turbulent Times (Bucharest, Nov. 28-29, 2017) will explore the theoretical and empirical challenges related to defining and measuring development, progress, and the national performance. The two-day event will provide a venue for discussion and reflection upon pressing issues in the field of development and globalization studies:

•    Has globalization reached its limits? Are we witnessing its demise?
•    The need for change: how can the existing models of development be adapted to fit current challenges?
•    What are the most recent theoretical/empirical insights on measuring development in turbulent times?
•    How did the economic crisis reshape the relation between development, poverty and inequality inside and outside the European Union?
•    What are the trends most likely to impact the European Union’s medium and long term development?
•    What development model for the European Union?
•    What development model for Romania?
•    What innovative ways of communicating progress can be envisaged at the government level?
•    How does trust in the national institutions shape the citizens’ support for public policies? What is the relation between the measurable progress towards the development goals, and the public perception of that progress?
•    What are the suitable tools and instruments to support evidence-based policy making?

The event is expected to bring together scholars, public and private experts, statistical producers, as well as all other key stakeholders to discuss data on development. It is a means for exchanging expert opinions on the conceptualization of development and the aggregation of statistical data.

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Project presentation

State of the Nation – designing an innovative instrument for supporting public policies (SIPOCA 11)


On April, 7, 2016, the Secretariat-General of the Government (SGG) / Center for Analysis and Strategy, in partnership with the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), launched the project “State of the Nation. Designing an innovative instrument for supporting public policies” (SIPOCA 11).

The project is co-financed through the European Social Fund (ESF) through the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity (OPAC), priority axis 1: Effective functioning of the administration and the judiciary, specific objective 1.1: Developing and introducing joint systems and standards in public administration for optimizing decisional processes focused on citizens and the business environment, in agreement with the Strategy for Consolidating Public Administration 2014-2020 (SCAP).


The Aggregator of Multidisciplinary Statistical Data

The Romanian public administration faces a sort of paradox: although there is a tremendous amount of available statistical data, it lacks the access to a database containing all the relevant public data needed for the foundation of the decisional processes.

This project comes from a sensitive need and it aims at filling the current gap identified at the level of Romanian central administration system.

The project "State of the Nation – designing an innovative instrument for supporting public policies" aims to create an aggregator of multidisciplinary statistical data (since 1990 until now), which can be used to produce strategic documents and support decision-making processes. Despite various organisations collecting disparate and unsynchronised data from various fields, at this moment in Romania the central administration does not have access to a database integrating all public data which would be relevant for supporting decisions. In this respect, the project contributes to solving one of the most acute problems of central administration in Romania – limited institutional capacity for decision-making and public policies design.


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Cod SMIS 118305